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Report:’SOP Blank Return Form’: ReportField:’334′:Unable to set property PositionTop to -3356′

While customizing ‘SOP Blank Return Form’ I removed many fields from report and added few ones with their captions. After changing and fixing report alignment a lot for pre-printed form, I finally create a package and import it on other machines and what I got is below error message.


I got back to report writer and tried to find field with field id 334. after searching a lot didn’t find any field with that id on report. I don’t wanted  to redo all the modifications, anyone can imagine why. 🙂

So I have open the package on notepad and try to find ‘334’, and I got below information.


So it’s a text field which got hide somewhere in the ocean of report writer layout window and so I just changed it’s position to a positive value 258. After doing that save the file and then try again to import it, this time report got imported successfully, I went to report writer and open a report and found a text/caption which no longer needed on report. Delete the text and save my report.




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