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About Microsoft Dynamics GP :-)

Cross Dictionary Development.

Since the beginning of my carrier as a dexterity developer, I am doing customization on cross dictionaries, sometimes by

  1. Registering Triggers
  2. VBA and Modifier combination
  3. By using DAG since it’s arrival
  4. And by merging the dictionaries.

The last option I always find controversial and I don’t know why its always called as  breach  of the license agreement. It’s just to make dexterity out of the list of great Dynamics GP development tool or what?

So more and more people could move to VS tools and add-Ones

When we use Modifier and VBA, we use the same, add our fields and DUOS tables to save and retrieve the field values on the form.

when we go to VS Tools, Dag will create the copy of that modified form in DLL and then we add the needed functionality.

but if we merge the dictionary with dynamics.dic and the add our table and fields on a window, it called as breach of license agreement. The idea is same, we are not

1. modifying or distributing the source code of any Distributed Code.

2. Reverse engineer, recompile or disassemble the software.

3 transfer the software or this agreement to any third party.

4.create a modified version of the 3rd party dictionary.

Although it’s little hard to do such customization but it’s always very effective, less troubled and smooth. It’s actually the real power of dexterity tool and it explains why dexterity is the ultimate development tool for Dynamics GP customization.

Edit to add the background of this post: Found below post on dynamics community and can’t resist to write this after reading “I never got Dexterity to work”. 🙂







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