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RE: Smartlist Error – Explorer_Get_DDL_Type not found

For Gp2013 SP2, we have option of Smart List Designer, so we can workaround for PA Status issue by using it.

First Create new view in your company database.


After that press button New, select Project Accounting in Product.Select Database view expand it and select the view we have created in SQL ‘Almas’ and also the Microsoft Dynamics project view PAProjects. Define the relationship as selected in below screen shots and save this new smart list.


Now filter as you wish.




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Workaround of GP2013 SP2 SmartList error ASI_Get_DDL_Type_Master

Workaround of GP2013 SP2 SmartList error ASI_Get_DDL_Type_Master

‘ASI_Explorer_CriteriaSBM OK Button K_CHG on form ASI_Advanced_Search’

‘ASI_Get_DDL_Type_Master()’, 0, 258, 1, 258, 32208

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Project data has not been entered for this customer.

When trying to create new contract for the customer ID ‘WORLDENT0001’, got following message.

“Project data has not been entered for this customer.”

To get rid of this message, go to customer maintenance window, browse the customer, open ‘PA Customer Option’ window through Project button. Just click “OK” and close the window, and it will allow entering contract for the customer. (Definitely if things need to be setup on PA customer option window then we will select options there). This window copy customer information on PA_Customer_MSTR table (PA00501).

That’s It.

Friday,14 Sep 2012

Project data has not been entered for this customer.

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