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Reversing the sort order of Receivable Transaction Inquiry – Customer by Document Date

Last few months we got more request on changing sort orders of Inquiry windows and lookups and to cover them all in a one place I have been working on a small project which will provide a simple sorting without much effort. In Dynamics Community there was a post having similar situation, I have already worked on this sort option and so sharing a solution here so if anybody want can use it ( free of any cost). This one window is a part among other windows I have added sorting functionality and it will hopefully be completed very soon with easy to install and remove functionality. Below is a link for downloading chunk file, all we need to do is to copy this chunk file inside a GP folder and then login to GP with user ‘sa’ and on message to add new code press ‘yes’ button and login to GP. The product ‘amSort’ will be added in .set file.

In order to remove the functionality , product can be easily delete from dynamics.set file.




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