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This datatype name is already in use.

Few days back I got a small task of increasing length of field Dependent SSN of window Employee Dependents.User could only enter 9 characters on this field although the storage size of this field is 16 characters.After checking field properties I just realized that the format assigned to the field is actually not allowing it to enter 15 characters. I just opened the window in modifier and tried to change the format to new one so could allow max of 15 characters, but got the error “This datatype name is already in use”.ddn1

So I checked the dictionary from which this window originates and found it in Human Resources. So I checked the field which is using this data type.


And then check other fields in Employee Maintenance window, there I found social security number and check that in modifier. and check the field definition. So it has the same data type which the other field from HR module is using.



So I went back to Dynamics GP, and instead of going to modifier by selecting the option ‘Modify current window’, I go to modifier by Tools>>Customize>>Modifier and  then selected the product ‘Microsoft Dynamics’.

Then from Resources selected the Data Type and then open ‘STR15_Social_Security_Number. And change the format of datatype, this time it’s allow me to save the change without any warning. 🙂



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