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This Favorite contains a column from a product (3180) not installed on this workstation. The following columns will not be displayed: Node


The issue was coming after removal of product Analytical Accounting 3180. This popup message appears only in the Account Lookup, once after selecting OK it wouldn’t appear for the Login user until the re-login.

After confirming that GP security is set to use SmartList for Account Maintenance Lookup window the first thing I did to record the macro to make sure what dictionary system is trying to read.

Below is what I got.

# DEXVERSION=11.00.0352.000 2 2

CheckActiveWin dictionary ‘SmartList’  form ‘ASI_Advanced_Search’ window ‘ASI_Explorer_Criteria’

MoveTo field ‘ASI_Search_Lookup_Button'[1]

ClickHit field ‘ASI_Search_Lookup_Button'[1]

NewActiveWin dictionary ‘SmartList’  form ‘ASI_Explorer_Fields’ window ‘ASI_Explorer_Fields’

MoveTo field ‘(L) LV_Fields’ item 0  # ”

ClickHitMS field ‘(L) LV_Fields’ item 23  # ‘aaNode’

SelChanged field ‘(L) LV_Fields’

After reading macro,

1. it is confirmed that application is not trying to read uninstalled product  3180.

2. Dictionary giving message is of SmartList ( so checked the smartlist tables)

3.Issue is with field named ‘aaNode’

Once the Node field issue got resolved,I got the same error message for several other fields, I have deleted records from back end from below two tables. And yes before deleting records I took table backup.


There are two columns in these tables ASI_Field_Name and ASI_Column_Display_Name.My field display name is Node and other name is aaNode, check the field id with the name of it.

—-delete from  ASIEXP86 where ASI_Field_Number_Dict_ID=3180

—-and ASI_Favorite_Dict_ID=0

—-delete from ASITAB20 where ASI_Field_Number_Dict_ID=3180

—-and ASI_Favorite_Dict_ID=0

After deleting particular records from tables, issue got resolved and there were no pop up message.


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