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Finding Field Name and Table Name of custom table.

This post is specially for our.NET team members who find it difficult to know field names and table names of custom table when need to use in sql scripts for their add on application for Dynamics GP.

Each time they need to come to some dexterity developer and ask for fields and tables, By similar way they can find field and table information of any GP additional product.



Let take an example of Customer Maintenance. We have added a table evsTable and it’s two fields on a window.

Field 1 and Field 2.


Now what you have to do is to open the window for whose field information you need, lets say we need to know in which table Field 1 will save data and what is the physical name of Field 1 to use in sql.

 Just focus on some other field and press Alt+F8 and save macro file anywhere.


Now focus Field 1.

Again press Alt+F8.


Now go to the path where you have saved macro file and open it on notepad. You will find field name in it.


Now to find the table name, go to below navigation and open a window.


Select the product of your window, if you know the core good otherwise you have to use commonsense for window type, like customer means it must be sales.Image

Now you have table name as well as field information.








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  1. Almas says:

    I found my this post on Mr.Phani Sankar Kommineni blog and he just what did, is that removed my name from the end of post and didn’t mention any reference of my blog post. not a good thing to do.
    below is a link.


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