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You may not edit this document . it is being edited by another user.

Window: Cash Receipt

Yesterday we got below issue from one of our client. I am writing steps for all of you.

All of you are welcome to add more lines, explanations.


Document Number  “PYMNT000000000XXX “ has been created but not showing in GP now, It is there in Table RM10201 (cash receipt table).

Steps to check.

  1. Check on front end either you are able to view it or not.
  2. Got the message “you may not edit this document . it is being edited by another user”.
  3. Check in activity table dynamics..sy00800.

It means that user ‘sa’ is posting a batch ‘PAY ‘ that’s why the other user was getting this message.

And since the batch was in posting status probably have large about of data, that’s why other user was also able to view the record from backend in RM10201 table.When  posting process finished we checked the user activity again. User activity was not deleted from the table and we asked user to re-login and logout properly from GP, this clears the table.

(Alternate way is to clear the user from activity table, with all the cautions).

  1. Due to any reason PAYMENT information was removed from work tables but remain exist in distribution table.

We checked this through SQL script and searched for value ‘PYMNT000000000XXX’ in all tables. We will share it later.

  1. So we first checked if is it posted to GL or not, it was not so we delete from tables having records of this payment and recreated the payment.

RM00401 – RM_Key_Master table

select * from RM00401 where DOCNUMBR=’PYMNT000000000XXX’

DCSTATUS=  1 : unposted,  2: Posted

BCHSOURC=  RM_Cash unposted,  XRM_Cash  posted

TRXSORCE=  exists for posted  records.

select * from GL10000  where DTAControlNum=’ PYMNT000000000XXX.

Or in below table

select * from GL20000 where ORCTRNUM=’PYMNT000000000XXX’


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