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To insert value in DEX_ROW_TS from back end  GETUTCDATE() will be used in sql.



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How to prevent change script of some dexterity field.

Set the Cancel button’s Hyperspace property to True. This prevents the change script
for the currently focused window field from running when the user clicks the Cancel

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How to insert CR(Carriage Return) from sql in dexterity text field.

update POP10150
set CMMTTEXT=’Almas’+char(13)+’Mahfooz’
where POPNUMBE=’PO2071′

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Adding NULL in Dropdown.

local integer item_number;
item_number = finditem(esUserLevel of window Enter_User_Names of form Enter_User_Names, CH_SPACE);
if item_number = 0 then
add item CH_SPACE to esUserLevel of window Enter_User_Names of form Enter_User_Names;
end if;

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Making Life easy with Link Format Selector

To Show relevant currency symbol in custom Dynamics GP window we need to do the following.

  1. Drag a Currency Index field inside window, but keep it off the window main area.
  2. Link all currency fields to that index field through ‘Link Format Selector’. One can find it under “Tools” Menu.
  3. Read the currency index value on change of your currency ID field from MC_Currency_SETP table.
  4. Now the fields will show the relevant currency symbol on window.

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Finding SQL table names with specific column.

and table_name like ‘IV%’

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How to access non gp database table within GP window.

We have one database named “Other”, a non GP database.It has some table we need to use within GP.(read/write/edit/delete record)



On our GP Company Database ‘TWO’ we have created a view.



CREATE view [dbo].[VOtherTable001]


select *,ID as Dex_row_id from Other..OtherTable001



Let’s add a button on sales transaction entry window to read the first record of table.




we will give permissions to our view.

grant select , insert, update, delete on VOtherTable001 to almas

Now the next messages we got are



To solve these above issues

Create a new role like below in ‘OTHER’ database .

Create a user loging for user ‘almas’ in ‘OTHER’ database  so it could be mapped with TWO user.





How to access non gp database table within GP window.

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